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TOOLS, which help to keep yourself FOCUSED!

7th February 2020 - General -

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on everything which has to be done, especially in our fast industry. Production, meetings, and and and keep you busy and it’s not always easy to stay focused. But today’s technology has some smart answers to track all the workload coming in everyday. Check 5 tools that might help you to stay organized and avoid work overload!

I’m sure you already heard of Wunderlist. It’s one of the most used to-do lists with over 5million users around the world. Wunderlist was developed by Christian Reber back in 2009 and is a brand owned by Microsoft. But it’s free and is available for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Windows, Mac OS X and Chrome OS. It is possible to sync all your devices to keep your list updated and fresh. You can set up reminders, dates, notes, comments and more.
One of my favorites!


I stumbled over Momentum when I was in NYC, earlier this year. Momentum is a simple extension for Google Chrome, but pretty powerful. Its easy to get lost while surfing in the internet. So Momentum reminds you everytime you open up a new browser window, what’s your main focus for the day. And as a nice gimmick, it visually pimps your browser tab ! 🙂


Image: Momentum

Producteev is more a project based tool, but can also be used as a simple task manager. You can create subtasks and an unlimited amount of users can use the same list in sync. The features are similar to Wunderlist: set up priorities, deadlines, filters and even shortcuts ease up the workflow. Wunderlist vs. Producteev? This question should be answered by yourself. All features of Producteev are free. If you want to customize the design you need to pay for it.


Trello is a browser based tool for organizing team projects. You can set up several projects and manage tasks by adding lists and cards to them. Assign team members to several cards, set up dates, comments, descriptions and attachments. It’s easy to keep track of the progress and activities, as every step is recorded and can be viewed. A great tool I only had positive experiences with!


  • Note Book

Beside digital tools, analogue stuff has still it’s raison d’être. More than this – most of our work is focused on computers and digital expression. It can be a small, but nice alternation to even look away from the monitor and write with a pen than with a keyboard. In my eyes its still one of the best ways to keep yourself reminded of tasks. But often it’s hard to keep notes structured by using this method and for team projects which require straight structure, I recommend using one of the tools above. I always have my note book beside my keyboard to track ideas and to dos without having to switch to an app of my computer.


Image: pxhere



There are so much more productivity tools out there. And this post is showing you just five of them. But the ones above are great to work with and turned out well at the practical side of things. Let me know what’s your favorite task managing tool!