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Improve self-management by using your smartphone!

7th February 2020 - General -

Image: pxhere

You’re using today’s technology everyday. But do you really exploit full potential of these things? Your smartphone for example? Here’s a list of tools which help to use your phone for more than just Facebook.


Sometimes the best way to use your phone is to not use it! Offtime sets your smartphone to different modes. This gives you the chance to work concentrated without being interrupted by apps, calls or push messages. There’s also an analyzer to reflect usage!




Tyme tracks your time spent to different projects or clients and gives you an overview how an average day looks like. This optimizes workflow and increases productivity for upcoming projects. Also nice if you get paid per hour, so you can keep track of already billed periods.




1Password is pretty helpful when it comes to manage different accounts. Over the years passwords change and new accounts are created. And its hard to remember all of them. 1Password keeps all your passwords in one place and manages them for you!




Productivity does not come from anywhere. Try different things – be spontaneous. Check bloom’s map and just go to the displayed events, happening at the moment. Now.