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Benztown Halloween Madness 2016 Pt.2 or Wanna sound like Justin Bieber on LSD?

12th February 2020 - Tutorials -


Image by Kristina Paukshtite 

Halloween is on!
The second part of our Halloween scaring-plan includes another tutorial: How do you use the Doom VO you created in Pt.1 in a Halloween hook sweeper? And how do you transform hooks into halloween versions?

Watch this tutorial!

The sweeper is made of three hooks and the Doom VO. Watch the video above and see how to create transitions and combine the included elements. Here are some basic tips for this method:

  • Work in grid mode and set up the right tempo. This is an immense help if you work with rhythmic material.
  • Cut at bar 1 and start from there. Extend the region and the hook plays perfectly tight.
  • Splicing and stuttering in combination with pitching works great as a transition
  • LoFi automations are creating a digital, crunchy effect to introduce a new element.
  • Special Halloween effect: Two Duplicates. First duplicate with pitch transition, second duplicate stays at original pitch, but get a 800hz filter.
  • Layering! A combination between FX and SFX helps to create the special feeling you need.
  • Add a flanger on musical elements. Automate and increase the flanger’s rate to create creepy transitions.
  • Have an overall listen and do final adjustments!


Take a listen to the fully produced sweeper. In this version some FX were added and the elements werde mixed down.


Your scaring-plan goes on!
Next week we show you how to process dry SFX and create eerie FX layers!