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Andy’s Fiver Friday #71 – New Year Resolutions!

12th February 2020 - Fiver Friday -


Image: Stockvault

Guys, 2016 is coming to an end and we’re going to celebrate this day! For the new year, here are some resolutions for 2017!

Happy new year!

1. Plugins

Use less PlugIns, use them more effective and not just to use them.


Image: Erkan Utu from Pexels
2. Inspiration

For 2017 a quote:

“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” -Walt Disney


3. Music
Be open for all styles of music.
Start listening to different styles of music and maybe mostly to stuff you are not a fan of. I bet you get a ton of new ideas and inspirations.



4. Web/Social/Whatever
Less Web, more social in person, less whatever! Stop doing random SHIT!




5. Imaging
Those have been my favorite imaging accounts this year!

Our Clique guy and the head of Imaging for Capital!
Ashley Bard’s Soundcloud

Super talented dutch Imaging Wizard
Steh Jansens’ Soundcloud

The FX God…
Alien Imaging Soundcloud

the Kiwi / KIIS and benztown HotAC Imaging guy
Chris Davis’ Soundcloud