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Andy’s Fiver Friday #28

7th February 2020 - Fiver Friday -

Fiver Friday Header II

This week it is hard to even start FiverFriday, there was so much great stuff!
NYC was just perfect. I had enough time to meet my old friend and 3 times Iron Imager winner Dan Kelly, also my old Benztown colleague Jason, who cranks out fantastic work with Ebro on Hot97, as well as Chris Mercado from WBLS. Also Matt Damrow showed me Sirius and there I ran into the creator of Howard Sterns On-Air Sound John Kerber….I told you..A LOT OF STUFF and interviews to come the next weeks!
Then :
Wow is the only word describing Nashville. Music City, the term is so true, bar after bar, live music after live music, country hall of fame legendary music row and of course a good conference to attend – Digital Innovation Music Summit . Small crowd, but good insight in the new world of audio content distribution.

1. Plugins
Vertigo VSC-2. Great for busses or mastering, with nice glue airs. There are emulations from Plugin Alliance and UAD.


2. Inspiration
The way Spotify connects Tech and Habits of people consuming music. I am blown away how much thought these guys put into their new functions as the Runners, Party Mix etc..Go check it out!


Image: Spotify

3. Music
The home of country music…so…one of my favorites. Zac Brown Band – Toes !

4. Web/Social/Whatever
I love the google chrome extension MOMENTUM..You should try it! Helps me focus!


Image: Chrome Web Store

5. Imaging
A great piece from Chris Mercado from WBLS using all benztown URBAN AC sounds..,Thanks for sending Chris!