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Andy’s Fiver Friday #25 – New Work from Alien Master Jeff Schmidt, Creed and GoPRO Mode!

7th February 2020 - Fiver Friday -

Fiver Friday Header II

It’s Friday! Let’s have a look at this week!

1. PlugIns

You all know iZotope. They’re in the game for 15 years now and to celebrate this, they re-released their ‘Vinyl’ plugin. I’ve used it years ago and I’m happy to get an updated version of it. Perfect tool to do a shift in time and FOR FREE!



2. Inspiration

One of the geratest and most fascinating brands of today – the story of GoPro! Awesome Read!


Image: RedBull

3. Music

For my generation growing up with the “ITALIAN STALLION” this is a great movie and soundtrack. Creed…



4. Social / Web / Whatever

The french showed us again how to roll, my dear friend Jean-Michel and Tommy Pascal created this masterpiece. A mini doc type of thing of our work with HIT WEST in France.

5. Imaging

Sound Design Master Jeff Schmidt drops another Alien Imaging FX Pack: AI-FX 2! Super clean FX, Loops, Drones and Textures – over 900MB of content. Check out the demo: