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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Give your Mouse a BREAK – control your region list with your keyboard

3rd September 2012 - General

Pro Tools is full of shortcuts… Some of them are pretty obvious, known and used by every PT user, others are well hidden and you might get that wow-effect after doing a thing over years and suddenly you discover a shortcut , which makes it…

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A Quick Pro Tools Tip: Fix your automation in seconds!

15th August 2012 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes

Here’s a little shortcut, I found and I don’t want to deny it from you guys. A cool trick to fix your automation if you’ve done a mistake. Start with this little example. You’ve got an automation that looks like this: And your goal is…

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Opening a Pro Tools session with all plugins deactivated

2nd January 2012 - General

I guess, all of you know this: the more plugins you have in your session, the slower it gets and you need more time to open the session. If you want to check your session for a few audio files and don’t want to use…

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Become Speedy Gonzales or The Short Cuts Imperium

29th November 2011 - General

At Benztown we love to work with short cuts. They make you fast as hell and we could never imagine working without them. Last time, Andre focused on Keyboard Command Focus Mode and now it’s time to count down our own personal favorites. A lot…

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