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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Andy’s Fiver Friday #58 – Why Wired is awesome and NRJ creates Killer online content?

23rd September 2016 - Fiver Friday

So, what happened this week? Our new studio in Stuttgart is almost there, which is great. Also the interview with Staxx was a fantastic post and experience. I would say:  I am really READY for the weekend!

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Useful Links: Where the Logic Ninjas learn! – Get ALL Logic shortcuts as simple overview

7th May 2014 - General, Useful Links

To us there is 3 big DAWs out there – for sure ProTools (my favorite), Studio One and of course Logic Pro. Many Composers love Logic and we also use it time by time for writing music. Get all the Logic Short in ONE simple…

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Become Speedy Gonzales in Studio One – LEARN about Shortcuts NOW!

23rd January 2014 - General

After the big success of our most read post of all times we decided to dig deep on the second DAW we are using daily – STUDIO ONE. This post will help you become a faster, more efficient and a better Imager, Composer and Producer…

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Useful Links: Become a Pro Tools Ninja! – Get ALL Pro Tools shortcuts as simple overview.

30th July 2013 - General, Useful Links

THE BEST useful link and you are about to discover it! Imagine ALL Pro Tools shortcuts collected in a simple online library with search function and even a keyboard view with highlighted shortcut buttons. Enter www.protoolskeyboardshortcuts.com, chose your Pro Tools version and browse through all the shortcuts,…

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Instead of smashing the duplicate shortcut all the time – Region Looping in Pro Tools

10th February 2013 - General

Hey guys, it’s Andre I stumbled over this shortcut a few days ago by more or less pressing it by accident and then suddenly, this window above appeared and it looks like I’ve found another way to edit faster. Oh Pro Tools, you never stop…

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I’m using Pro Tools daily, but never have seen that before… — The mysterious lock next to the Shuffle Mode

8th February 2013 - General

‘Hey, Andre! Something seems wrong with the Shuffle Mode in Pro Tools. I can’t use it anymore and there’s some kind of lock next to it.’ We were sitting in the production studio at ENERGY, staring puzzled at the screen and wondering why the Shuffle…

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Custom Pro Tools Shortcuts for Mac OS X

26th October 2012 - General

Okay, this might sound crazy, but did you ever had the feeling that you might not have enough shortcuts for Pro Tools? Although there are tons of shortcuts are included in Pro Tools, you’re always in need for the one shortcut that doesn’t exist, believe…

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Give your Mouse a BREAK – control your region list with your keyboard

3rd September 2012 - General

Pro Tools is full of shortcuts… Some of them are pretty obvious, known and used by every PT user, others are well hidden and you might get that wow-effect after doing a thing over years and suddenly you discover a shortcut , which makes it…

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Copy & Paste for pros – Repeat To Fill Selection

27th August 2012 - General

Repeat to fill selection is one of the most useful commands when it comes to quick editing. Especially when it comes to loop creation, it’s pretty handy. Check out two simple examples of how to you use repeat to fill in your daily work. Don’t…

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Opening a Pro Tools session with all plugins deactivated

2nd January 2012 - General

I guess, all of you know this: the more plugins you have in your session, the slower it gets and you need more time to open the session. If you want to check your session for a few audio files and don’t want to use…

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Become Speedy Gonzales or The Short Cuts Imperium

29th November 2011 - General

At Benztown we love to work with short cuts. They make you fast as hell and we could never imagine working without them. Last time, Andre focused on Keyboard Command Focus Mode and now it’s time to count down our own personal favorites. A lot…

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A short Résumé or Tips from Youngster to Youngster – Andre’s Production Diary Part 37

8th October 2011 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s now my 37th week here at Benztown. Since 37 weeks, I’m learning from the pros at Benztown and our guest authors from all over the world, which are sharing their wisdom and experience with us all through this blog. Since…

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Save Time with Keyboard Command Focus Mode – Andre’s Production Diary Part 16

14th May 2011 - General

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s my 16th week now at the Benztown studios and today I’m telling you how to work faster and more effective. Like most DAWs and many other programs, Pro Tools is packed with different shortcuts for almost every action. Mastering the…

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