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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Why NOT or walk a new path!

8th November 2010 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes - , , , , ,

New Worlds are discovered by walking a new path.

ASK yourself WHY NOT to freak out and do some crazy stuff f.e. with your Voice Over. Check this out and send us your feedback!

USE AutoTUNE on your  Voice Over

USE AMP Farm, Eleven or Sans AMP on your Voice Over

USE Pitch n Time or VariFi on your Voice Over

USE Automation (almost in any plugIn you can automatize various parameters….I love SciFi Automation f.e.)

What stuff did you tried in the last year generating an unbelievable effect on your VO, music, production? Please let us know and I will post my experiences on your new pathes as well.

  • PeteReply

    I'm glad You guys posted it! Playing around with various plugins on VO, I created a combination of Waves MetaFlanger, Waves C4 multiband compressor and custom-made "phone line" effect with slightly elevated highs on a voice track.
    Additionaly, there can be some delay or stereo widening effect too, but all in all it sounded fresh and interesting... especially when used in radio imaging.
    There are tons of combinations, but this one seemed just right for me and gave me that special "signature" sound I'm using right now.

    8th November 2010
  • benztownbrandingReply

    Hey Pete, sounds awesome. Please send me some screenshots and i am gonna post! blog@benztown.com

    8th November 2010
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