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What are your favourite Speakers ? AND WHY?

22nd September 2013 - General - , , , , , , , , ,


This is a question I got asked over and over again, if we give a workshop or coachings and it is really a tough one as every environment and goal needs to be adressed  in a different way as well as every budget is different. I personally like the sound of the 1031 by Genelec a lot and the “iconic Yamaha NS 10” as a second listeing experience (did I say experience:))…but there is so many great speakers out there depening on the budget you wanna spend. So I think we need to do a limitation on price per speaker and also for what we wanna use it.

So i would say – Speakers for Radio Imaging.

1.) Speakers up to 1000 US$ a pair

2.) Speakers up to 2500 US$ a pair

3.) NO LIMITS – would love that one!!!!!!

Please post in the comment section!!!!

  • tom huybregtsReply

    Genelec 8040, but also my old JBL 4412 studio monitor. Grz. Tom Huybregts Netherlands

    22nd September 2013
  • EmmettReply

    The Focal Solo6 be. At my last job, I had the opportunity to test MANY speakers, ranging from $80/pair to $270,000/pair. Focal always won in every price point. Unbelievably good monitors.

    23rd September 2013
  • GreenReply

    As soon as I had your studio visited I found out :) that the place where the speakers are has a great deal!
    And to be on topic - like Yamaha NS-10 and Genelec.

    23rd September 2013
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