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Video Tutorial: Monster ROCK Brandings or the FILTER strikes back!

1st July 2011 - General, Videos - , , , , , , , , , ,

Today Fabi our skateboard loving Rock Imaging Director will show you how to handle extremely complicated music cuts proper by producing a Monster ROCK branding using a FILTER Automation. You can use the same technique also while creating beatmixes, promos or anything where you need to cut music and it is a challenging task to do this proper. Paul Armstrong, the multi Sony Award Winner and legendary producer of XFM in London + benztown HotAC Imaging Director introduced this technique to Fabi. Since this day, Fabi is a real fan and wants to share his favorite trick with you. Check it out and see how the magic works :)….THE FILTER STRIKES BACK ! Today…

[vimeo 25864589]

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