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Too much opportunities or how to make your day more complicated in 5 minutes!

3rd February 2011 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes - , , , , , , ,


Today, there is too much opportunities for almost anything. Go to a grocery and check out the cereal rack and….freak out. Sometimes as an Imaging guy some of us have quiet the same feeling by opening their plugIN folder or checking one of their 10 packed hard drives. I know, that all of us never have enough plugINs, fx, imaging libraries and and and…. but let’s be honest: The creation of a great imaging element starts with a great idea (no matter, if it’s great copy, a great break, a funny line, a sample..), become awesome by focusing on the important things and stay incredible for ever.

For today and tomorrow check your imaging and

try to focus on the really important elements and only choose well here.

get rid of too much opportunities causing minimal changes (means the fourth different compressor plugIN on the base drum slamming down loop 43 in your session)

create something awesome could probably stay for ever.

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