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The reverse Reverb or benztown hook INSANITY!

25th January 2011 - General, Videos - , , , , ,

On our service, we offer weekly update hooks and ramploops as a category. My assitant producer and bad ass skateboarder Fabi cuts them for all formats available on benztown –  quiet some work to do beside skateboarding :). One of our benztown affiliates and subscribers to the blog a really talented Voice Actor and CC Producer Neil Wilson sent through the email below.

“Hey man,

whenever whomever (?) gets a chance… I’d love to see how they do the hooks you all produce.  I can’t seem to get that cool reverb effect to match.

would love to see a tutorial video on the blog…

🙂 Neil”

[vimeo 19176619]

  • jamesstoddReply

    Reverse reverb is one of the most useful tools around - and so simple. I use it loads - on the front of artist ids , to highlight and impact words "it's coming...iiiin moments and many other places.

    One way that was really interesting was within music imaging montages. Why not try breaking up a hook half way through - end on a reverb tail - insert a quick punch message - then reverse reverb into the 2nd half of the hook?

    26th January 2011
  • PeteReply

    This is so cool! Simple but highly effective thingy...Great video!

    26th January 2011
  • Neil WilsonReply

    Thanks guys! Easier than I thought!

    27th January 2011
    • benztownbrandingReply

      Hey Neil,

      happy we could help you out. Thanks to Fabi for the great video!

      27th January 2011
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