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The Perfect Limiter….Fight of the Legends!

22nd July 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Limiters, we all love them! We use them on the master, on voice overs, on solo tracks, on everything. WE WANT it to be LOUD! I always was a fan of the L series. The L1, L2, L3 i use and used them in every session I did in the last 10 years. They are tight, easy to use and give a punch like nothing else in the world. In my opinion, they got better and better and the L3 is a monster!
What Limiters do you like? What do you use?
There is a ton of great plugIns around these days, combi stuff like the Izotope series, old analog emulations like Kramer or SSL, the Sonnox Oxford Series, the Maxim + some on board digidesign compressors have additional limiter functions, focusrite d3 can be used as limiters…..and not to forget the T-Racks Brickwall Limiter by IK Multimedia.

Might the battle begin!

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  • PeteReply

    My fav FabFilter Pro-L is missing here :(

    23rd July 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Sorry to hear that, Pete. But that's why we added other as possible answer. It would be an endless task to list all the limiters. At the end, there's a lot of personal taste when it comes to chosing the right limiter.

      24th July 2011
  • JoelReply

    I do like some of the Waves, but my favorite (I use it on every single thing I do!) is the Massey L2007. Amazing limiter!

    23rd July 2011
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