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The Northern Europe Beatmix Inspiration

13th October 2011 - General, Useful Links - , , , , , , ,

Beatmixing….YES, again! Our blog subscriber Raul sent me this link and I think it was more than worth to share this freaky shit with you guys. The Heavyweight of beatmixing has a new challenger. (Remember Konsky’s XXL beatmix):



check the audio section… unbelievable!

Can you do this? Sure? Send your mashup to blog@benztown.com and we will send out a few nice pieces to all attendants.

  • Jake ChintersReply

    Can you explain what is the point of this ? It's nothing to do with radio imaging .

    13th October 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      thnaks for your comment. in my opinion it as...there is a lot of beatmixed promos and stuff, where the same techniques are used and it is a great inspiration in our opinion. if you can do those you can do a nice beatmatched promo...would you agree?
      you should think also of the track and get inspired by a lot of things, not just by pure radio imaging examples from station a or b.

      13th October 2011
  • Danny ByrdReply

    Im glad Im not the only one , this is just like earworm and all that rubbish

    13th October 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      ok guys...next one will be a radio imaging tutorial...i am open to all the content ideas you have..Danny? Jake?

      13th October 2011
  • RaulReply

    Radio imaging has A LOT to be with this, I think... I find it very inspiring, since it's all beatmaching made on protools... for example..

    I wish I could own so much talent to mix this way on my promos...

    I've loved it...

    13th October 2011
  • Pascal StandaertReply

    cool mash-up !

    13th October 2011
  • MatthieuReply

    I think you also look at Robin Skouteris work. A greek dj.
    Every year he publish an entire album with 12 top level mashup.
    You could download them on his Facebook page. I never heard something more unbelievable.

    An example ?


    And yes, mashup fit with radio imaging. We always do some medleys or beatmix for our stations no ? In France we use a lots of medleys on radio station

    13th October 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Thanks for the video, Matthieu.
      That guy is truly talented. If you're able to add that flow to a promo, that would be some great imaging.

      14th October 2011
  • PeteReply

    Ok, here's the idea: We never touched topics about sung jingles, specific sung vocal treatments, mixing, effects, tricks etc...
    I know it's a wide thing to discuss but we can start, yes? What do you guys think?

    14th October 2011
  • James DruderReply

    Good idea Pete, it would be good also if maybe the guys just focused on quality rather than quantity of posts too, I get ENOUGH spam mail already

    Add to the list trying to talk to the guys at Reelworld who are just making the most amazing shizzle at the moment

    All the best wishes for weekend

    14th October 2011
  • santosReply

    i know on the surface, you may not think this post has much to do with imaging, but if you dig a little deeper, it has a lot to do with radio imaging. sometimes we can get so caught up in sound fx, eq/compression, etc that it is easy to forget about the music. beatmatching and mash-ups are all about understanding music and how different songs work within each other. editing on the beat, understanding key signatures, tempo and time changes, these are things that in the long run, won't just make you a better imager, but a better producer overall. imagine putting together a festival promo with multiple artists cleverly mashed up in your hook montage...now that would be different. you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve...

    14th October 2011
  • DeeReply

    I think it is useful , because you can hear what can be achieved on your DAW, however it can be very dangerous too, on both these videos I can hear vocals that are in completely the wrong key to the background music, although they are perfectly in time. I'm a trained pianist and it really jars to my ears, you can take imaging too far, if you dont have a musical ear this sort of thing can just turn into an ear bleed. Here in Chicago a lot of kids do this sort of thing on their Ipads, it's creative but don't try and become a musician if your not one.

    15th October 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Love the controversy and impact on that one! Thx for mentioning that bro...

      15th October 2011
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