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The London Connection meet Jacob Rickard!

8th January 2011 - General - , , , ,

Jakob from London also emailed  me for the Xmas Contest. I really liked his screenshots and think it is more than worth to share. He is a great producer and works for ChoiceFM an urban station belonging to the Global Radio Network . Read his email and check out his BEP Branded Intro!Hello!

I’d like to enter your blog competition.

I’m Jacob, the imaging producer at Choice in London.

I’ve attached a screenshot of one of my recent sessions (and the accompaying audio). As you can see, like you, I’m a fan of the Pro Tools 8 bundled plugins – thet EQ especially. I have Waves too, but tend not to use it that much.

Jacob – Black eyed peas intro by Benztown Branding Blog

I’ve done some production tutorials too (AGES AGO) – they’re on YouTube under the username Gekkoblaster.

Hope that’s all you’re after… sorry I don’t know either of those Santa girls…

Merry Christmas!


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  • C. LungeReply

    I've been a fan of Jacob's work for a long time. His imaging skills are 2nd to none and I thoroughly recommend his voice over service for all commercial telephone systems.

    10th January 2011
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