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THE biggest EVENT in RADIO IMAGING or meet the new Iron Imager: WPLJ`s Dan Kelly!

7th May 2013 - General - , , , , ,


What a weekend! LA, sunshine and high class imaging!

At this year’s AllAccess Worldwide Radio Summit, Dan Kelly and reigning contestant Paul Duffy proved their skills in an epic battle of imaging skills. 60 minutes – 100 Ingredients – one winner!

First of all, thanks to both Paul Duffy and Dan Kelly to serve us this spectacular final.

The rules were simple: Create a 30 second music Promo in one hour! Now, here’s the turn: Our finalists had to do an Alternative format Promo, so this was new for both of our finalists. A format outside their comfort zone.

This year’s judges (Ken Benson, President, SparkNet Research & Consulting; Louie Diaz, Program Director, Alpha Broadcasting/Portland; and Trevor Shand, Imaging Producer & Writer for Rogers Broadcasting/Canada and KROQ/Los Angeles) had a hard time making a decision, but after a night of analyzing the pieces and voted for Dan Kelly as the winner.

He received $1,000 cash and the most prestigious title in Radio Imaging of The Iron Imager 2013.

Check out the guys’ final Promos and some great shots from the event!

You think you can beat this?!? Dan will defend his title next year , so set up your Pro Tools and start training!

  • MatthieuReply

    Congrats to Dan, and Paul off course ! Smart promos guys

    7th May 2013
  • PedjaReply

    Big ups to both finalists and congrats to Dan for winning this year!

    7th May 2013
    • Dave MourillonReply

      Hey Guyz, Nice work on the promos, Dan Congratz and keep up the Good work. I wish we had competitions like that here on the Island (Curaçao)....Greetz, Dave

      21st May 2013
      • Dan KellyReply

        Hey guys - I just stumbled back onto this page! Thanks so much! Duff is a great dude, we had fun...(especially getting some late night pizza) and I'm hoping I can defend the title next year! :-)

        23rd October 2013
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