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The 3 best friends of an Imaging Legend

3rd November 2010 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes - , , ,

Read this short post carefully and ask yourself…do I have this 3 friends lined up? IF you do, ask yourself: How can I do it even better?

1. A great, well categoriezed archive (Imaging FX, Musicbeds, Stagers, Loops, Drones, Musical Textures, work form other producers….)


As faster as you find the stuff you need, the better your workflow and the more your output gets. An Archive is also inspiring and can be used as creative source as well.

2. The GRID Mode


It makes your production flow and get part of the music your station is playing. YOU are faster in cutting music and a lot of better.

3. A small note book or note pad (to note ideas, musical parts of songs you might need, samples you might use, inspiration scources….)


Because we won’t forget one single great idea!

  • anthony peñaReply


    8th November 2010
  • ScottReply

    Excellent tip. I am lucky enough to have a 200 GB library and I can't tell you how often it comes in useful. Useful isn't even the word. Necessary would be better. And of course, when you can type a keyword into search, some pretty inspiring stuff comes up. Good little article!

    16th December 2010
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