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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Audified MixChecker! How to playback a mix in your car while sitting in the studio!

6th July 2016 - Review

Radio is consumed on a wide range of speakers – from iPads, Laptops, mobile Phones, Headphones and of course radio.. But most of the time we produce just on our own systems, without really checking for other ones. For this case, I used to listen to my…

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TOOLS, which help to keep yourself FOCUSED!

29th June 2016 - General

Sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye on everything which has to be done, especially in our fast industry. Production, meetings, and and and keep you busy and it’s not always easy to stay focused. But today’s technology has some smart answers to track all the…

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9th December 2015 - Interviews

At the end of the year I decided to go more into the interview world again and reached out to one of my best friends in the business and an absolute expert for creating significant, remarkable and for most different Imaging. There is not much…

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HOW to ROCK or meet benztown’s Dan Gustafson

2nd December 2015 - Interviews

Rock Imaging, a craft I always admired and a format I always loved to do! Why? Because it can be really creative from a writing standpoint (Side Note Andy: pioneers like John Frost and Sidey showed us how to push bounderies),  you can go nuts…

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Shuffle It or MIDIfy your Audio!

4th November 2015 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

I’m sure you already noticed, we didn’t feature a lot of Pro Tools MIDI tricks in the past – because in daily Imaging business playing synths or working with MIDI FX does not happen that often (besides Vocoder stuff). But time by time composing in Pro Tools…

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 12 #Californication2015

16th October 2015 - General

I am in LA since a few days and I alreaady feel rengaged and revitalized, even it was a couple of weeks with a lot of traveling. The experience made up weigh up the stress by far.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 11 or How to survive in a room with too many Imaging Guys?

9th October 2015 - General

What a week – Imaging Days in Haarlem, recording the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and planing of my upcoming California visit. This means one thing: AWESOME.

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Really? 10? Andy’s Fiver Friday!

2nd October 2015 - General

Another week, more stressful as usual, some people know why already for the rest.. a) Getting prepared for the Imaging Days. Looking forward to meet a lot friends and collegues ( Dom Nero, Paul Duffy, James Stodd, Dave Bethell, Ryan Drean, Dan Mumford, George Taylor…

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Andy’s Fiver Friday Epsiode 8 – from hacking IKEA to AirFilterGate

19th September 2015 - General

Friday again! Check my five for this week.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 7

11th September 2015 - General

This week it is back to normal….if there is such thing as a normal week 🙂

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“Stereoizing” Mono Files – Widen your Sound!

10th September 2015 - How To Improve In 5 Minutes

Today it will be very basic. The creation of a simple “wanna be stereo effect” on VO tracks. Sometimes I use this method which helps to enhance the sound of mono files. I will show you how to use this technique and explain something about the theory behind it.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 6 or Fine art and IMAGING

28th August 2015 - General

WOW. Another week – I have the feeling time flies. Here is Episode 6

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 5 – Boom!!!!

21st August 2015 - General

What was great this week? Here is some stuff. I loved this week.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday – Episode 5 minus 1

14th August 2015 - General

On to the next! Gentleman, happy you read this. Lets get right into it for this week.

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Andy’s Fiver Friday Episode 3 – Whats UPPPPP?

7th August 2015 - General

Hey, this week was awesome…Why? because we had a fantastic ad out, Dr. Dre releases a new album and we have fanatic guest here in Stuttgart. But, first things first…..

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BRAND NEW – Andy’s Fiver Friday

24th July 2015 - General

Hey guys, I want to try something new every Friday, the Fiver Friday. If you like it,  I will  to do this every Friday from now on. Fiver Friday is 5 things I loved, discovered, played around or just want to share this particular week. Let…

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New Shift in the Imaging World :)..Back to Quality and DO IT FASTER !

21st November 2014 - General

This is a point I wanted to write about for a long time. The need of high quality production / imaging was always key to me, when taking over a freelance gig, station rebranding or working for our libraries here at benztown. After being back…

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