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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Give ME more!

2nd August 2016 - General

Guys, it is time for me to ask you again..WHAT DO YOU WANT more of on the blog? For this I created this poll below, pls just click and let me know! [polldaddy poll=9487825] If you have any personal suggestion for a person I should…

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Your VOTE: The Imaging Blog’s Content 2015!

8th January 2015 - General

Another year has passed and a new one just begun!¬†Happy New Year everybody! So, I would like to know which kind of content you like(d) the most. Here is a selection of categories, we did in the past and want to maybe do more or…

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Merry Christmas!

23rd December 2014 - General

Oh, it’s that time of the year again. The whole Benztown Blog Crew whishes you a very merry Christmas and nice holidays! We hope you have some calm days and can start the new year with fresh power. We also want to thank you for…

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Making the chain complete – The ultimate broadcasting processing or meet Andy’s new passion!

14th May 2013 - General

Did you ever get the chance to see your station’s secret weapon in sound processing live in action? – The key behind cutting edge broadcasting sound. If not, you better contact your station’s engineer and make sure, you’ll hear it with your own ears, because…

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Extra budget! Time to buy whatever you wanted!

20th February 2013 - General

Imagine, your boss gives you a 1000 – 5000US $ extra production budget and it’s in your hands to spend it for whatever you want. Now’s your turn! If you have control over the budget what would you get. Pls guys stay realistic,¬† your boss…

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What do YOU want? GIVE ME MORE of…..

10th January 2013 - General

Guys, this year there is great stuff to happen. I am so looking forward to grow together by giving you exactly what you guys need and want. So please click on the poll below an let us know! What do you want? [polldaddy poll=6798999]

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That was 2012 – to a great 2013!

30th December 2012 - General

What a year! With thousands of new readers this year and posts from around the world, we managed to offer a great year full of imaging, production, tips and tricks for every kind of like and skill set. We checked through all the posts of…

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Content Rules! What DO you want us to feature more on the blog?

18th April 2011 - General

After almost half a year, we made a great start in the blog world. Now it is up to you to make this blog even more interactive and useful. After more than 90 posts, interviews, video turorials, screencaps, tipps and tricks, inspirational content and and…

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