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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

The most interesting Imaging Director in the world and how he’s rocking 2013 – Catch up with Brionne Olsen!

17th January 2013 - General, Interviews

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you The Most Interesting Imaging Director in the world – Brionne Olsen! Representing imaging from South Africa, Brionne impressed us and readers of this blog from all over the world. After learning from the pros and getting the…

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Imaging South Africa – Brionne Olsen reloaded with new DAW and new format

15th October 2012 - General

Most of you guys might remember Brionne Olsen, Benztown Xmas Contest finalist and imaging youngster from South Africa¬†and he’s back with some big news: Check out Brionne’s new style and some great audio.

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F1 Insanity or Mclaren support on the Radio

23rd March 2012 - General

Brionne send this trough and I think the piece speaks for itself….F1 season here you go (and I know, Brionne you don’t want to hear this, Sebastian Vettel – Formula 1 champion 2012 / 2013…again..:)) “Hello Andreas, I am a die-hard F1 fan and also…

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How David Konsky can improve your Imaging – Brionne Olsen after the Skype Q&A

20th February 2012 - General

Most of you guys sure remember Brionne Olsen – Imaging youngster from South Africa, Blog Contest Finalist¬†and lucky winner of an exclusive Skype Q&A with David Konsky. After learning from the master himself, he’s back with a new piece. Check out the audio and pics…

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Imaging World Wide….Episode 1: IMAGING South Africa

20th January 2012 - General, Interviews

Today, I’m going to start a little series of posts called Imaging World Wide. In every episode, I will interview a very talented imaging director from another continent showing the unique cultural background, the specifics, but also the techy stuff you all enjoy so much…

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