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Switching songs or my beatmix addiction

23rd August 2011 - General, How To Improve In 5 Minutes - , , , , , , , , ,

Like you know, I do the Benztown CHR library by myself and as a truly CHR Imaging guy, I am looking consequently to extend my beatmix techniques and standardize new ideas for a period of time to develop the brand of the stations I work for. What I really like these days is a kind of switching songs within one beatmixed song. “Check the word “beat”

Not a dramatic change to the song, but fun and easy to do, when you

1. have the opportunity to go through the songs you want to beatmix and…

2. work in the grid or any tempo synced mode. You can also sync the key, not just the tempo.

I am looking forward listening to your stuff to post it right here…just shoot me an email (blog@benztown.com)


  • James LawsonReply

    I've been attempting to build my ability up on music demonstrators/beat mixes.
    However I still struggle a little on the transition between the two songs, not to say on how much I used to though.

    Below I've posted two links to my latest work, if you get time; I'd highly appreciated you checking them out! (I'm only 17 and trying to dab myself into the industry).

    Thank you!


    15th November 2011
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