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Survey: The greatest FX packages in the world and how to get yourself an exclusive prelistening in 3 minutes!

21st February 2011 - General - , , ,

crash, boom, bang, zip zap, crrrrrrrrkkkkkk, swoosh….

At the moment our team is discussing an upcoming project back and forth. Oli and I dream about creating the most powerful FX package in the world. We already started working on it in the last years but dont know if the massive amount of time creating that package would be worth to finalize. That been said there is a few question that might help us to finally compilate and produce the package. How to get yourself an exclusive prelistening in 3 minutes? Just answer the 5 questions below!

1. What is your favourite FX package until now and why (Alien Imaging, Killer Hertz, Noise, Megabytes, etc.)?

2. What is your favourite delivering media and audio quality?

3. What would be a realistic prize for a 200+ cut FX package?

4. What category of fx do you prefer or you want all of them (hits, wipes, combos, drum loops, drones….)?

5. What packages did you buy last year?

  • HarryReply

    1. Orange Panther. The level of finalization is astounishing...
    2. As digital download it's more than sufficient. In terms of storage and quality .wav 1411 would be the best nowadays, yet I could perfectly live with .mp3 320
    3. Ay. Shoot me in the foot now. But for 200+ somewhere ranging EUR 100-150 would be fair. Yet... depending on superbness
    4. Hits, Swooshes, Drones and Paste-ready vocal bits-and-pieces (which already sums up quite the list you put)
    5. 2010 my budget was nowhere as I've been adapting the current 'static' jingle-package

    Hope it helps. Keep up this beautiful blog, guys. Enjoying it mucho-macho.

    21st February 2011
  • Dani SchmidReply

    1. Strike FX and The Big Whoosh. I like the medium elements. They are not too fast and not too slow

    2. On harddisk or download in wav quality. My favourite format is stereo 48khz and 16bit

    3. Maybe 400 - 500 $

    4. Whooshs, hits, combos, hook preparing and medium elements

    5. Nothing. Only new beds from soundquadrat :-)

    21st February 2011
  • AndrewReply

    1. Alien Imaging. Because it is Short and not too (4 sfx in 1) I hate when i get a Sfx that begging with a Smash, follow by a Riser, follow by a Squeek, ending with a Boom and a Fwizzle and the end END !

    2. Download in high quality. Good Mp3 or Wav 48.000 16bit.

    3. 350 - 450 $ (but... Royalty free, Market exclusivity ??)

    4. Few drones, short fx (Statics, Glitches), Sharpy and edgy material. Punch (Impacts) but not complicated Impacts.. Like Swaza-Fwooooo-Tchikakaka- BOOM) lol ..
    I prefer FX to be useful instead of beautiful.

    5. Air-Media to only name one.

    Best of luck


    21st February 2011
  • Gavan BrudererReply

    1- Alien Imaging and Orange Panther - Alien imaging because of the quality and quantity at a great price. Orange Panther because of the really cutting/useful effects included.

    2- LOVE being able to download effects as .wav 48.000 16bit.

    3- I'd say between $250-$400 depending on the quality of the effects

    4- I like everything, but most useful are hits with long trails, breakers to open up the promo, and wipes/transition stuff.

    5- Most of the effects packages I've gotten recently are for barter. (Chasecuts, Prod Vault). But I hate plug and play imaging, so sound design and workparts are the only reason I use those services.

    21st February 2011
  • PeteReply

    1. Big Fish Workparts and Killer Hertz... Jeff Thomas is a legend. Alien Imaging is great also, and the price is just fine.
    2. Download, because it's instant and always a bit cheaper than CD delivery. WAV is my favorite, but I see no problem with 320 kbp/s mp3's.
    3. Somehwere between 200-250 euros?
    4. Combos, because I can do lots of stuff with one single combo in many ways... Cuts, reverses, pitch changes etc.
    5. 3 packs from Alien Imaging... could not resist the price and the quality :)

    21st February 2011
    • andrewReply

      +1 (Alien Imaging - Great quality, Great Prices)

      21st February 2011
  • RichardReply

    1: Fcue, Killerhertz

    2: Mp3 320kbs or .wav

    3: max €500

    4: Hits, whooses, zips, breakers

    5: Didn't buy one, looking for some good stuff.

    21st February 2011
  • MatthieuReply

    1. I love Jeff Thomas's work @ Killerhertz but the best one is for me the Orange Panther.
    2. wav
    3. 500$
    4. All sort of Fx.
    5. 2010 was a "jingle year" in my radio so no "fx bank"

    21st February 2011
  • Nic KellyReply

    1) Orange Panther - by far. There's always something there that I can use in any production piece.

    2) MP3 @ 320 - easiest for downloading and storage and use purposes, WAV @ 1411 would also work but mainly on a CD

    3) USD$250-350

    4) I would use hits most of all, I love a massive impact at the start of pretty much everything I do for CHR, but drones, drum loops, wipes and breakers are cool.

    5) Two of the Alien Imaging packs - brilliant quality and quantity for a ridiculously low price - perfect for a low budget producer!

    21st February 2011

    Killer Hertz - MP3 320 KBPS - A GOOD PRICE - COMBO - KILLER HERTZ 4

    3rd June 2011
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