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Survey :The Best Radio Stations In The World…..this week : CHR

25th May 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Is Z100 still on the top, is KIIS cooler or does AMP Radio really rock the house? How about Virgin, NRJ, Capital, 2day, The FOX, NOVA…..? Anybody ever listened to the german CHR station bigFM?

What a topic! I hear you…what are the parameters I should use for this question? How do I measure?

Our common angle might be the imaging, the brand experience, the promotion and contests. If you are a music director, PD or marketing guy you could also go for your personal parameters. We are looking forward to your answers. I tried to predefine some big names related to the CHR / Top40 format, please go ahead and fill in your personal opinion as well.

Have Fun!

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  • NovellReply

    Z100 is undoubtedly the number one. But I must make mention of KISS 100 London and and NRJ in France.

    1st June 2011
  • DavoReply

    Triple J in Australia rocks

    18th December 2013
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