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Survey : Speakermania or still stuck in Yamaha NS 10?

15th March 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , , , ,


Speakers are essential to each one of us. We all love a big solid sound, banging basses and crisp and ultra clear high frequencies?

Do we really? During my career I visited a lot of different studios and prioduction environments around the globe and each sound engeneer or imaging guy had its own prefernce considering speakers. In Stuttgart we run Genelec, PMC and Yamaha. We use the Yamaha as a back up or better said as one of our double check speakers. We also have a mono radio for radio imaging and a boom box for music mastering (especially for urban and dance stuff). I would recommend a second lower quality speaker and maybe a third really cheap speaker (could be a mono radio or pc speakers) as a check up to every one here.

What are you digging and why ? What do you run? What is your dream to have one day?

  • TweakerRayReply

    I love my KRK RP5. They are perfect for small homestudios. They are not expensive and have a very true sound. You can actually watch them when the speaker moves at the lowend.

    Cheers TweakerRay

    15th March 2011
  • PeteReply

    Currently my main monitors are M-Audio BX8a Deluxe, have a pair of Alesis as a second, and some cheap old Aiwa speakers for low quality chekcs. Plan to get some new Genelec very soon :)

    15th March 2011
  • Pascal StandaertReply

    KRK 6 + KRK 10 (sub) ... doin' the job just fine !

    15th March 2011
  • mikeReply

    my m-audio bx5as are awesome. especially when you're looking for something on a budget. the bass is a little tight at the beginning (like most speakers), but once they loosen up, they sound fantastic

    16th March 2011
  • sacReply

    ADAM A7 !!!!!!!!

    16th March 2011
  • MatthieuReply

    Dynaudio BM6A for me

    16th March 2011
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