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Survey: Hardware vs. Software or why I didn’t spend almost 5000 $ for a Studer A 800!

4th April 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , ,

Last week I was looking for some gear on ebay and found this on the web. Oli and I discussed back and forth, if it is worth, what we expected by purchasing it and how much this little baby would improve our sound in general. After going back and forth in the last days we decided not to buy it.

There still is a big fight going between hardware and software….really?  I know a lot of older guys (especially in the music business) pretend to use almost only hardware for recording, mastering or mixing. I am not sure, if this is really true to be honest. Software makes life so much easier, because of the facts we all know. It is 100% reproductional each time you open your digital workspace and and and….. I agree there is legendary outboard gear and its sound is hard to beat. We also still use the Manley VOXBOX for vocal recordings and there is ton of great hardware compressors, limiters, massive mixing desks out there on ebay etc. Would you still spend a fortune getting it? Think about how many legendary hardware gear is available as plugIn. What do you think about its quality? What is your feeling considering this topic in general? Do you still use hardware in your daily environment? Which hardware do you use and why? What do you think is better in your particular case? Will Studios have hardware in the future? I am so looking forward to your answers.

  • fmaudioReply

    there are 2 worlds: Rack gear and plugins for 2 kinds of producers, the ones who take time to produce with detail a piece of audio that will be heard on real speakers to listeners who will take the time to pay attention to detail... and the ones who will produce a piece of audio that will be heard on earplugs, compressed, with processing in between.... now, is not what you think is better is what you, as a producer think your production is worth...
    for me, both are fine, I wouldn't invest in a reel to reel though, i will put my $$ in a nice microphone and good sound booth, because thats the main source of my piece.

    4th April 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      i agree, the only point which is a starting point to a disusssion : every audio is compressed today, no matter if in the same studio or by another engeneer or broadast compression (tv / radio....you name it..)

      9th April 2011
  • PeteReply

    I do my voice recordings through couple of hardware pieces like tube preamps, compressor/limiter etc... And I LOVE the sound Aphex Channel Master on the input. There is nothing like it. But then again, even the greatest pieces of hardware are now available as plugins and the sound they emulate is amazing!
    All in all I still can't imagine recording without some high quality ouboard gear, but I guess there will be even less need for those in the future. Except for the tons of those sexy hardware lights flashing all over the studio :)

    6th April 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      The Aphex is a great must have :)...i also dig the sexy hard ware lights blinking all over the place.

      6th April 2011
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