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Some upcoming Iron Imagers? – The Stuttgart boys present their entries

2nd April 2013 - Interviews - , , , ,

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

This is it! The trophy of the Iron Imager, the most prestigious title in radio production!

Once again, competitors from all over the world will fight for this title and $1,000 in cash. Check here to learn more.

Like last Christmas, us guys over there in Stuttgart take the challenge and create the same TOH element with the same ingredients like all the other competitors.

Stuttgart’s youngsters, Jan, myself and Oli S. also created our own Iron Imager entries. Too bad, we can’t enter the contest (I guess, because the jury would vote for us because of our handsomeness and not only for our imaging ;)), but we don’t want to deprive you of these elements, so here they are!
Check our entries and let us know which one you likes most.

This is Jan’s piece:

This one is by myself:

Oli S. created this one:

Let us know what you think. Which one’s your favorite?

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