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Secret Weapons to create Killer FX or get Fame FX for free – NOW!

20th May 2015 - Fame FX - , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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I always get emails from people asking how to create FX for Radio Imaging or Sound Design and what do we use beside the all know Rise & Hit, Damage, Whoosh, theRiser, SFX Recordings and and and…

Here are some tools I never told you about before. Try and play around with this 4 secret weapons!

1. Sound Shifter from Waves, creates awesome Riser Effects when the Pitch is automated.
2. Signal Generator – yes, you heard right, my No 1 source to create Sonic Stuff! Add some Distortion, Flanger, Bit Crush… HAVE FUN!
3. Doppler from Waves – will give you a nice left right, what is going on feeling!
and last but not least
4. NI the Finger for glitchy stuff!

Send us your best 3 pieces created with or influenced by those plugINs above and you will get FAME FX for free!!!


And if you are too lazy… GET your hands on Fame FX – NOW 50% OFF!

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