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R.I.P Prince – Andy’s Fiver Friday #36

22nd April 2016 - Fiver Friday - , , , , , , ,


Today I am incredibly sad. A legend is gone – maybe the biggest musician, writer and producer of our times. You all heard the bad news, so, I dont have to get into details, just so much and this is very personal:

Prince was the guy I grew up with, the music I listened to on the radio in the 80s, when I was a little kid and the records I loved when I was a bit older in the 90s. I remember watching a documentary about this guy on MTV, freaking out about the fact he has hundreds, maybe thousands of songs ready to roll. It was so fascinating thats someone could play 40 instruments, when I had a hard time with even one. Also I loved the mentality of creating art every day,  crossing styles, pushing bounderies and of course – he always had the hottest women in his videos…sorry , this was big thing for me as teenager. To me The New Power Generation was a musical revolution in the early 90s, the groove, the beat – so many of todays artists still been heavily influenced by this beat, this funky unique guitar sound and 808 grooves.

R.I.P innovator, genius, SEXYMF!

I had a wonderful Fiver Friday all set and ready to roll, but I decided to switch gears and do some more Prince related stuff. The guys created fantastic stuff for our libraries and I am more than happy to share this with you.

1. Tribute by James Stood for Avalanche


2. Tribute by Chris Davis for HotAC


3. Overall Tribute by Justin Case for all Benztown


4. Megamix by our Canadian friend Azeem Haq for Z 103.5


5. HotMix Megamix by Darren


Great documentation about Prince in the 80s.

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