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Put the cart before the horse or how to create a Promo without VO

14th September 2012 - General - , , ,

We received a special piece of imaging from Jez B, breakfast imaging director at Fox FM in Melbourne.

So what’s so special about this? Here’s what Jez says:

‘I was waiting on a VO, and was getting bored so decided to make my show return promo without it. So I made the mixout first, and then added the VO when I got it. Usually I make promos the other way around. When I finally got the VO I didn’t have to make too many changes to the mix!’

So here’s Jez’s first version before he received the VO:

And here’s the final Promo with VO:

So dare trying something different and do it abroad the way you’re used to.

Thanks to Jez for his audio.

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