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Only 1 DAY left to get FAME FX for free + boost your skill set on a new level with a private Q & A with Imaging legend David Konsky

19th December 2011 - General - , , , , ,

Discover how this awesome piece of imaging was made, learn from one of the best CHR Imaging directors on the planet in a spceial and private Q & A. Boost your skillset to a whole new leve!

Guys, only a few hours left to win one of the amzing prizes for this year’s Benztown XMAS Contest. It just needs you 3 minutes and you’ll get an unbelievable Imaging FX package for free or a Q & A with David Konsky, Mike Santos or Oli from Benztown + other great prizes like a blog post, where I promote your work to thousends etc…That been said….here you go blog@benztown.com

Send your best piece of 2011 and make a great start for yourself in 2012

The mass decides!



  • Nic KellyReply

    I won this last year so I'm not entering - but it was SO rewarding to chat to someone like Harry Legg and this year these excellent gentlemen. Get your entries in dudes and dudettes!

    19th December 2011
  • Benztown BrandingReply

    no worries, enter again!

    19th December 2011
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