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My GoTo PlugINs for layering – The 3 Musketeers

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I love layering sounds and also as you all I love layering voice tracks. This is a short post about the plugINs I use the most for layering at the moment.

Sure, First EQs….create filters as low cut etc. layer, pan the tracks left and right – this will create awesome stereo effects, when done right.

Screenshot - Fequency Adjustment

Second I am a big Fan, don’t laugh, of SansAMP from Avid – put it under a regular VO track and mix it as you like or put it in the chain after a massive delay (on an Aux Return f.e.)…gives a nice and interesting note to the entire thing without kicking in too hard.


Third, I love LOFI – try to play around with the digital distortion presets, tweak them, mix it up with your regular VO tracks and BOOM – great result.


Let me know, if you love this little creative helper posts, so I try to do this more often!

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