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Learn from the master of mixing or my new favorite Youtube channel – Enter Pensado’s Place!

14th June 2013 - General, Useful Links - , , , ,

Hi guys, it’s Andy.

Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson and more — they all rely on the experienced ear of mixing engineer Dave Pensado. He mixed an unbelievable amount of top hits through his career and now, he’s sharing his long time experience and knowledge on his own Youtube channel – Pensado’s Place

Dave talks about common mixing mistakes, how to avoid them and often he invites various well-known producers and engineers from different styles and genres. He already taught, that less is more when it comes to mixing, how to use effects simple and wisely and that you don’t need fancy or expensive gear to create good mixes.

Watch the promo reel, give it a try and get taught by one of the big players in the game.This is a useful links special and I heavily recommend it for every one doing imaging, music or any kind of production.


  • PedjaReply

    Agreed, Andy. Great way to learn tricks from one of the best mixing engineers.
    Here's another place to pick some cool and very usable mixing tips:



    14th June 2013
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