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Konsky reloaded or Cosmonaut Voice will blow your speakers!

23rd February 2011 - General - , , , , , , , ,

You all remember Konsky’s tremendous blog post last week. (BTW: it was one of the most successful blog posts ever.) After listening to Konsky’s audio again, I asked him which plugINs he used for Sydney’s No1 Hit Music Station in the Return Music LineUp Promo. I am really digging these kind of VO filter sounds and do them often as well – I am thrilled to present you Konsky’s Filter SetUp and my alternative for you guys having no cosmonaut voice.


Here’s my preset

  • KonskyReply

    You're a clever man ol!!!

    23rd February 2011
    • benztownbrandingReply

      try to :)...

      24th February 2011
      • PascalReply

        Camel Phat has it all in one, filter, comp, distortion, hell even a flanger !

        awesome plug for VO accents !

        us Dogs use it all the time !

        24th February 2011
      • the captainReply

        lol !!!

        24th February 2011
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