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Jan Brückner’s latest discovery – Reverse reverb for STUDS

21st February 2014 - General, Videos - , , , , , , ,

Reverse Reverb

You all know how to create the legendary reverse reverb effect used in thousands of productions and imaging pieces around the globe. It is a cool effect and not hard to create, but there is several steps included – until ProTools 10. Jan discovered last week how easy it became to create the REVERSE REVERB with just one click! Insane, that we all have overlooked the small button on the right in True Verb f.e. …Maybe you have as well. :)…

Here is the video how to find the “magic” button:

[vimeo 87282336 w=800 h=450]

  • AlexReply

    If you don't have this plug-in, reverse your track, use the D-verb from digidesign on your track, and reverse :-) Same result. I use this for my production.

    22nd February 2014
  • RichardReply

    would be useful if this was watchable in HD, it's very grainy right ?

    25th February 2014
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Hey Richard,
      sorry for the quality - was a quick video for a small hint... the next videos will be Full HD again! Cheers

      26th February 2014
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