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It’s all about having an idea… and maybe a volunteer – Andre’s Production Diary Part 4

19th February 2011 - General - , ,

Hey guys.

I’m still using this great opportunity to learn from the Benztown team and all of our wonderful guest authors, which send us their ideas, audio and sceeenshots. I know, it’s gonna be a long way, but everyone starts small.

Enough talking, here’s my next production diary.

Chapter 6 Preparing a Promo:

Preparing a Promo includes the same steps like preparing a Branding. I decide, which elements are needed so I cut, prepare them and import them into the session. And from now on it’s getting different…

Every Promo has a message to deliver, a product to sell, etc. So here’s the most important question: “How has the Promo to be to deliver the message, to sell the product, etc…?”

Such a big task is really time-consuming, especially when you start from scratch, so it’s my job to do a lot of the time-consuming.

Every good Promo needs a good idea, a good script and a good way to transport the idea to the listener.

Andy has an effective way to teach me this. I have to bring my own ideas, when I’m preparing the session. I have to explain exactly, how I have imagined the Promo how I would produce it. I show Andy my ideas and my suggestions and we discuss about whether it fits the Promo or not. During the production I stay with Andy and he explains all the technical and tactical  Even, if I’m not (yet) producing it by my own it’s a great way to understand the build-up and essential elements of a good Promo.

Here’s an example for a Promo, which really gets the idea into the head of the listener. The promo starts and you instantly know what the Promo is about.

P Win It And Skin It by Benztown Branding Blog

It’s all about having a good idea.



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