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It Is An ATTITUDE or why real is real…

25th June 2011 - General - , , , , , ,

My weeks in L.A. are finally over. Our latest project is running and I am pretty exited about it. I think Imaging and Show works hand in hand. We made Melissa stand out amongst other AC / HotAC productions and wanted to keep the Imaging as real as possible to underline Melissa’s attitudea and personality, which is crucial to a content driven radio show. Altogteher we didnt wanted to be too slow and non energetic as well.

How did we do that? Not to difficlut to do…to be honest.

1. Pick a real sounding and not too over the top VO artitst. Done : Dan Kelly!

2. Dont use too much PlugIN FX like Flanger,SciFi, Pitch etc making the VO surreal sounding!

3. Dont use too much FX, just for start or end of the production elment. Punctuate the important, but get away from the other stuff.

4. Keep the elements as short as possible.

5. Have variations ready to make the music flow going. We worked with a lot of dry versions of the created elements, so the stations have all possibilities in enhancing the music flow.

6. Make the show benchmarks stand out and flexible in usage so we can start or end with a different element each hour.



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