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Imaging South Africa – Brionne Olsen reloaded with new DAW and new format

15th October 2012 - General - , , , , , ,

Most of you guys might remember Brionne Olsen, Benztown Xmas Contest finalist and imaging youngster from South Africa and he’s back with some big news:

Check out Brionne’s new style and some great audio.

It has been some time that I’ve written to the guys at Benztown Branding. Four months ago, I left Jacaranda FM to move over to national radio station 5FM as producer for the 2 daytime show line up. The move is from a AC station to a CHR youth based station. Which obviously means, I had to beef up on my production skills to sound more edgier, more up beat and cutting edge.

The last few months, I really had to adapt myself to fit in with the station sound, but also lose my ‘sound’ as a producer and keep it prominent. The experience has taught me a lot as I moved from a Cubase based DAW to Pro Tools 10 on Mac! Yes I am a convert, but the change was inevitable.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk too much! The attached audio clips are as a result of my time at 5FM. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also hope to send more audio bits in the future as I progress at my new home.



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