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“I wish my DAW could do…”

3rd May 2012 - General - , , , , , , , , , ,

In today’s world, music production, radio imaging, recording and mastering has become more and more a software solution.

Today we are blessed with tons of DAWs and audio editing software. Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Sony Vegas and lots of other software solutions available to everybody from the youngster to the pro and in any price range.

How do you choose the perfect DAW for yourself? What is important to you and what would make your work even better ?

I had a very active discussion with the finalists of the Benztown Iron Imager contest about the pros and cons of the DAWs they use. Now, I want to hear your opinion. What DAW do you use and why? Do you have different DAWs for specific tasks? What are your favorite features and how would you improve your DAW or others? I’m curious about your opinion in the comments below. Let’s get it on guys: I WISH MY DAW COULD…..

  • Harry LeggReply

    Well, I'm a die-hard Pro Tools user - been using it since the mid 90's when a blank CD-R was $14 a piece... I have used Sony Vegas, Audicy (Orban DSE 7000), Studer Dyaxis, Roland (can't remember the name of the system - hated it), and minimal use of Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro. I do believe overall Pro Tools is probably the best - but in some cases it may be more than some people need - especially just voice artists who don't produce at all. My biggest complaint with Pro Tools is that I sometimes produce long-form programming and it sucks to have to bounce the files in real-time. I wish you could just tell it to render. Bouncing long-form shows is too time consuming and ties-up my machine.

    3rd May 2012
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Hi Harry,

      thanks for taking the time and writing down your thoughts. I share your opinion. Pro Tools rocks!
      That old real-time bounce out issue is still one of the most annoying things in Pro Tools.
      The whole Benztown Crew over here in Germany would love that rendering feature.

      4th May 2012
  • MatthieuReply

    +1 for me. I can't understand why Avid is not able to create this. Bouncing in real time is boring !

    6th May 2012
  • Christian ThonReply

    I use Pro Tools too, and hate the real time bouncing. What I like about it, is the stability, the editing workflow, and ofcourse AudioSuite to name a few things. But I wish AVID could buy a copy of Logic and see all the smart features in there.

    For example:
    - Offline (not real time) bouncing, but you can choose to bounce online if you need/want it
    - Ability to save and load "channel settings". Very handy if you have a set of plugins you allways use on a spesific VO.
    - Track folders. Instead of just grouping tracks, you put them in folders, and then they appear in the multitrack and mixer window as one single track.
    - A dedicated place on every mixer channel for the EQ. You just click it, and it automatically insert the standard channel EQ. It then replaces the "EQ"-label with a image of your EQ settings.
    - Track freezing. If your composing a bed or a song jingle, the CPU can be overloaded if you use a lot of synths. Freezing records the audio from the instrument and turns it off, so it's the recorded audio you're hearing. If you change a note or something, the freeze button changes color to tell you that it needs a new "freeze".

    That's just a few. The other thing is the price. It would cost me more to upgrade Pro Tools from 9 to 10 with a student discount, than buying the full version of Logic 9 from the App Store!

    18th May 2012
  • PedjaReply

    That's why I use Reaper now. Does all that and more in less time. Routing possibilities are insane!

    18th May 2012
  • Zombie MinstrelReply

    I know this article is a little old but I thought maybe the feedback could help. I'm a long time Logic user even though I have pro tools as well. I have to have pro tools to collaborate at times with certain artists and Post Engineers, it's the only reason I ever use it. I prefer logic for three reasons: 1) the virtual instruments it comes with sound really good in the mix and it's handling of MIDI uses light years less processing power then anything else I've driven. 2) is the way it does comp tracks, it's so much faster then even pro tools in terms of work flow. 3) Mastering with Logic is the shiznit! Primarily I'm a composer who plays multiple instruments but guitar I play effortlessly, piano (aka a controller) is work even more so then Percussion triggers. Real audio through a microphone, Ligic is where it's at for me in teams of comping.

    That being said I use reaper for mobile recording because for mobile application I really don't Need Logic or overpriced Macbook Pro's. At the end of the day your Microphone and your Mic Preamp's are the vital pieces of gear in your signal flow, the DAW is more about what fits with your taste.

    Good Luck!

    29th June 2012
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Thanks for your comment.

      A lot of musicians are into Logic or Cubase because of the great MIDI functions, but when it comes to pure editing, most of as here at Benztown would prefer Pro Tools. We using Pro Tools since years and I could never think of switching to another DAW.

      We're having more and more Reaper fans, but in the end it's just about finding the right tool for yourself.

      Cheers and have a great one.

      2nd July 2012
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