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How you get Stars to sing your Jingle Package – for free!

25th November 2010 - General - , , , ,

J01 082bpm full A Master by Benztown Branding Blog

J01-2 082bpm full Master by Benztown Branding Blog

Like the incredible and smooth vocals sound? Me too! The fascinating about RDUBs jinglepackage in 2 sentences:

1) The music style the jingles are produced – 80s / 90s Soul or R’n’B

2) The singers are real stars of this decades (Mint Condition / H-Town)

How did Dub got in contact with this guys? What did he tell them, that they sung his jingles for free? Learn from one of the do-it-yourself-snydication specialists how he got the guys going and how easy it was having a great network of people already set up.

RDUB:”I just called on my artist contacts; artists I’ve supported in the past, artists I’ve brought in for shows, etc.  I told them I just needed one line from them…sent the instrumental, lyrics and a sample jingle (already sung).  I made sure to tell them to send the vocals naked (without music and un-processed).  Then send the files to Benztown and let the boys make some magic. The result was one-of-a-kind, amazing sounding jingles…jingles that make my competition green with envy.”

Sounds pretty easy and RDUB is not the guy , who’s gonna tell you: I live in Brasil and Texas, do a nation wide syndication show, but I started everything on my own, paying for all of the expenses out of my own pocket and am successful now a days, because of a) b) c).  But if you read between the lines you’ll find the secret – networking, supporting other guys and dedication. If you are interested of getting deeper into networking please also read Harry’s post on making it in 3 major markets!

If you still ask yourself, how do stories like that infect my personal live? Here is the answers :

Have YOU ever tried to cut a deal with a singer or a VO guy, seems not affordable to get the jingles or imaging elements you ever wanted? Have YOU every reached out to a Imaging guy you admire and ask for his secret?

A lot of knowledge, nice guys and wisdom is out there and for free. Have a great Thanksgiving!

More info on RDUBs show and RDUB on benztownradionetworks or his facebook profile.

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