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How to create great Imaging for 95.8 Capital Radio ?

19th January 2011 - General - , , , ,

As a response to my latest blog post about emotional Imaging my buddy James Stodd sent us a great exanmple of emotional Imaging he did in the past for one of THE MAJOR MARKET RADIO STATIONS in the world, 95.8 Capital in London.It is a tough topic to adress, but done very well in my opinion. James recently works for the BBC, doing radio promos for TV shows.

James Stodd wrote: Here’s an example of something we did in 2008 for Capital FM’s Help a London Child Appeal. That year’s campaign was targetting knife crime in London – not an easy thing to promote on air in daytime. Luckily, with the use of the voices of real kids from London youth groups helped by the charity and a sprinkling of Capital’s artists – we managed to produce something that worked on air too.
Speak soon – and looking forward to sharing more throughout the year.

regards, James

James – PROMO1 by Benztown Branding Blog

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