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How to blow your Speakers? Compression and EQing by Brendan Tacey

27th April 2011 - General - , , , , , , , , , , ,

You all know Brendan Tacey as the Head of Imaging for MMM in Melbourne. He is also known as the PRODGUY and runs his own Youtube channel showing YOU tipps & tricks for great radio production. A few days ago I asked Brendan to do a work shop on Compression and Eqing and he came up with an unbelievable detailled post, showing you step by step how he creates an unbelievable VO sound in his daily productions.  This post IS the ultimate roadmap to make you blow your speakers. Enter Brendan!

We have 2 VOs… one male (Nick Tate) one female (Jen Wilson)

I take the original file and process it with a RCompressor

I have left the male VO on the top track using the eq on the LHS of the screen shot, and dropped the

female VO down to track 2 which runs thru the eq sitting on the RHS of the screen

Each VO after going thru the eq runs thru another Rcompressor unit

then are bussed thru a

trueverb and metaflanger.

These are effects that were shown to me by the Legend that is Matt Nikolic (Austereo-Fox FM)

I loved the sound it created and have worked with it for a number of years now.

Then on my master track I have a C4, L1

another slight eq for a little bright ‘kiss’ in the top

end, then another Limiter and just the uv meters at the end of the chain.

Now.. back to the VO….

Audio 1 is the result of all the above

From here… to effect up the voice… I like to duplicate the original VOs down to a stereo track

(I use 2 mono tracks, panned and paired for my stereo… I find it gives me much more flexability in

editing and doing stereo tricks in the imaging)

Then with a thin EQ  i process the male VO

and another thin but hotter eq, I process the female VO

The result is audio 2.

Doesn’t sound too good yet…. so go to the next step.

Run some modulation like a flange over the male VO

and something else over the female VO… I used a

sans amp preset

the result is now audio 3.

Finally…. take the effected VOs on the stero tracks, make sure they are panned left and right, then

off centre them from one another and the original file … only slightly

Then adjust the volume accordingly…. as to how much of the effect you want mixed with the original


the end result is audio 4.

Why do I do it like this and not just drop plug ins on the mixer and do it all in real time…. basically

cos I am running a 6yo mac and if i loaded her up.. it would never operate.

I also like to have the freedom of adjusting the amount of effect I put into the mix this way.

  • Raul SeguraReply

    Great Brendan! as always...

    He has made the best production videos on Youtube until now... if you haven't watched them yet, just do a search: theprodguy... and enjoy!


    27th April 2011
  • Paul DuffyReply

    New T Pain song , "Im in love with an Aussie"
    Superb post

    Cheers Brendan


    27th April 2011
  • PeteReply

    Awesome! Now that's great step-by-step explanation... Thanks for the post, Brendan.

    27th April 2011
  • Matthieu BlaiseReply

    Love this fx preset share. New way to work and new plugs to try...
    That really cool... Why not create a fx & template folder to share the .tfx & the .ptt files ?


    30th April 2011
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      great idea, everyone interested pls send me the amp & else presets and Ill post

      1st May 2011
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