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How an Irish guy makes it to the Iron Imager Contest finals in LA or meet the Iron Imager Contest finalists: Paul Duffy and Brian Haddad aka “Sludge”

24th April 2012 - General - , , , , , , , ,

I am so proud of you. The entries we received for Benztown’s first Iron Imager Contest  have just been awesome. The entire jury had a hard time choosing and rating the best submissions, as most of the entries (from all around the world) have been outstanding! Four submissions were ranked first place, by having the exact same amount of points. So the jury was pretty clear on which pieces were their favorite. Check the four best guys and their submissions.

Paul Duffy


Brian Haddad aka “Sludge”


Binoy Joseph


Chris Davis


As we tried to invite all four contestants and change contest rules, sadly Binoy Joseph (Creative Director Radio City Network in Banglore, India) and Chris Davis (2dayFM’s Kyle & Jackie O Morning Show) had to pass, because of visa issues and other work commitments. (personal note from andy: I am really sad, cause your stuff really rocked and I will feature you guys in future blog articles)

So for the final it is Paul Duffy from Ireland (Creative Director Classic Hits 4FM) vs Brian Haddad aka “Sludge” from Philly (Creative Director WIP-AM). They are both battling for the Iron Imager crown at the Worldwide Radio Summit in at the W Hotel Hollywood this weekend. Both fight to become THE 2012 Iron Imager and win $1,000 US.

On Wednesday, you will learn more about our prominent panel of judges, the final contestants and the live session details.

  • Kyle AleweltReply

    Hey Guys,

    I'd love to see Sludge's session for that promo... diggin' the sound of that one.


    24th April 2012
  • Riaz BashaReply

    Hey Binoy,
    U always rock.. Wish ur Visa wasn't a problem..

    Andy and team,
    Congratulations on runnin a worldwide contest like this. Its sad that Binoy Joseph couldn't make it because of Visa Issues.. Wish he did, coz therez no one we know better than him, whoz worthy of the crown..
    Anyway, Paul duffy and Sludge - Wish u luck !
    Riaz Basha !

    28th April 2012
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