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Hotel Room Production, Radiodays Europe 2011 &The Ultimate Copenhagen Experience!

16th March 2011 - General - , , , , , , ,

Guys, I know this is a really uncommon post for this site, but I fell in love with Copenhagen – an unbelievable city. We really enjoyed the nice people and the vibrating city! Oli got inspired and produced a stunning musicbed right in the hotel room..

[vimeo 21125467]

Now I am really looking forward to the Radiodays Europe 2011 Pre Party, meeting old friends and celebrating good times at our private benztown after party in tivoli hotel room number 1000. If you are in Copenhagen and don’t know what to do, just send me a message on fb or an email to as@benztown.com and join the benz crew.

Check out Oli and me rocking Copenhagen.

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