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Halloween Imaging or PURE Horror made in Benztown

9th October 2012 - General - , , , ,

There’s this one night of the year, where the dead ones leave their graves for a walk and when it’s not abnormal to see superheroes and other fantasy characters on the street – HALLOWEEN

The darkest and scariest night of the year and of course an event for various styles and formats.

Check out this year’s Benztown Halloween coverage with some evil Drones + Pads, scary Loops, haunting FX, dark Musicbeds and terrifying imaging for various formats. Are you ready for some horror?

  • gregReply

    Bit dated for today's market; maybe try some harder beats and slasher style lazers

    9th October 2012
    • Benztown BrandingReply

      Well, we're happy over every comment. Maybe you have some examples to share with us?

      10th October 2012
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