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HACK ProTools or One of Logic’s coolest features in Pro Tools – How to create track presets in Pro Tools

26th June 2012 - General, Videos - , , , , , ,

This one’s a pretty cool feature which will improve your workflow and speed in a quantum way.

Imagine, you’re just creating a new track in a session and  now you have the great option to create preset tracks, means tracks that already have the right plugins, routing, instruments, etc.

Create instantly preset tracks in a session without copying them from your templates or other sessions.

Check the video and try it on your own. From Pro Tools Version 10, this trick is possible.


  • RattyReply

    PC Version http://www.radiopromotips.com/2012/06/windows-7-pro-tools-trick/

    27th June 2012
  • RattyReply

    Can anyone figure out how to do this in Protools 8 ??

    27th June 2012
    • GreenReply

      Doesn't it work in protools 8?

      27th June 2012
    • RattyReply

      anyone ?? :)

      2nd July 2012
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