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Great CUSTOMER SERVICE PT. 2 or why AKG is the SH**!

29th January 2014 - General - , , , , , , , , , , , ,

akg customer service

A short post about pleasant experiences with customer services again… This week one of our junior producers brought his AKG headphones (K271 MKII which I trust too) to the customer service, audiopro, which is close to Stuttgart. One of the capsules was broken and he had no warranty and no invoice anymore. After checking the headphones, they wrote him:

“I have tested the headphones. The repair costs amount to 85 €. I saw that the price difference to a new pair of K271 MKII is not far. Therefore, I offer you these in exchange for € 107 including transportation.”

A new pair of K271 MKII costs around 150€! They took a damaged, 6 years old product (without any proof of purchase), checked it for free and took it in exchange for a nice discount. So we learned again: treat customers fair, super serve them – it WILL GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT to go!

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  • AlexReply

    What do you think about de DT 770 PRO from Bayerdynamic?

    22nd February 2014
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