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GET Dave Foxx Z100 VO Chain + all about John Wells….. An UNBELIEVABLE Screenshot Collection from Chuck Matthews

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Maybe you remember Chucker. Chuck used to be the Classic Hits Imaging Director for Benztown and is now one of our hottest VO Talents. HE is a collector of great Presets and Screen Shots and tons of material considering radio and radio imaging. I am happy to present Chucks unbelievable collection. Thanks for sharing, Chucker!

Dave Foxx Z100 chain:

Check out Chuck’s various EQ settings for John Wells and even more plugIn chains.

John Wells EQ Settings for different styles:

Even another chain from Chuck:

  • Chuck MatthewsReply

    For what it's worth from bottom to top (under the "Even Another Chain from Chucker")

    The REQ6, L1 and C1 comp/gate (in that order) is a very very basic chain from Eric Chase (that EQ is a slight 6k bump). I use it adding the SSL Compressor last in the chain (after the C1). Very beefy VO.

    29th June 2011
  • PeteReply

    Dave Foxx and John B. Wells' VO chains in one place... It's magic!

    1st July 2011
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