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Flanging 3.0 for an unbelievable sexy female VO SOUND

19th April 2011 - General - , , , , , , ,

Many of you remember Rachel. Her post was one of the most read ever on the blog.  Rachel is an awesome female VO Artist and the Imaging Director for CC Atlanta. I developed a really sweet PlugIn Combo for her on our CHR library, I want to share with you today. Rachel send me a note immediatly after she heard it “I love the Filter and FX you put on my voice……..sounds great!” .

I used Filter Bank with a low cut at 400 Hz, MondoMod and Sci-Fi. See the screen cap below and create an awesome Flanging Sound for your female VO as well – just tweak my presets to whatever you like.

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    Thank you Sir!

    26th May 2014
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