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Andy’s Fiver Friday Episode 3 – Whats UPPPPP?

7th August 2015 - General - , , , , , , ,

Fiver Friday Header II

Hey, this week was awesome…Why? because we had a fantastic ad out, Dr. Dre releases a new album and we have fanatic guest here in Stuttgart.
But, first things first…..

 OneKnob Filter from Waves – have not used it for ages. Mistake, love it more and more every day. Easy to use and fast as hell. For more info on precise filtering click here.


Never forget what awesome medium we work in. This video from redbull is an homage to one of my favorite stations ever WBLS in NYC

 Guess what…Fresh out of the press – The new album from Dr Dre.


4. Social / Fun / Whatever
Samuele is here. He comes and visits us from Italy and his dad is running a station called Radio Clodia. So proud of my guys here people come here to learn and hang out (maybe more, because they know it is a nice spot to hang out).



5. Production
Jan did great Straight Outta Compton Imaging this week for SpeakerToyz. Check this:

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